Vintage Flowers – Happy Easter

Vintage Flowers – Happy Easter

Another Friday calls for another blog post. I did some research for this post and I really wanted this to work out but sadly, it did not. However, I was still able to pull it off, just not as well as I had hoped. Thank you to my beautiful hand model for coming in to the studio to shoot with me.

Tattoos! I read somewhere about tattoo paper and eggs, so what did I do? I bought tattoo paper from amazon here
but to my surprise, it did not work as I had hoped and read through the instructions over and over again to make sure I didn’t miss a thing (maybe I did miss a step, or bought the wrong product but whatever the case may be, if you have the solution please let me know! ). After an hour fighting with the tattoo paper, I whipped out my daughters good ol’ Elmers tack glue and decided to mod podge the designs and left them to dry. Needless to say it worked eventually.

So here it goes, the designs I used are the exact same Vintage flower wall decals that I have on my site (check them out here ) and you can download the template here: (note the pdf file does take a bit to load)


First off you are going to need to buy the tattoo paper (maybe there is a better product out there that I haven’t heard of yet) white glue, scissors, ink jet printer, and wet wash cloth.

Print off the floral design (or any other design), cut out the designs and follow instructions of the tattoo paper. As you can see in the picture above, I cut out each floral cluster to make it easier to wrap around the egg. Apply some glue on the egg where you would like the tattoo design and then what I did was, I rested the tattoo on the wash cloth so the top clear part slid right off the backing, I then applied the clear tattoo design onto the glue / egg. I messaged it on and let it sit to dry for a couple minutes and did the same thing to the rest of the eggs. In the end they turned out great but I would still love to find a better way of actually using the tattoo paper properly.

At the end of this big project that I thought would only be a small one, I am so happy with the turn out and think its a good tribute to Easter. I also thought it would be fun to photograph these mod podge eggs with my Vintage Flower wall decals.

Let me know how you did with this crafty project and if you have any other suggestions and ideas on tattoo paper, please send them my way! Happy Easter everyone!


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