Spring Flower Wall Decals – in the new studio space

Spring Flower Wall Decals – in the new studio space

Some of you have heard, and yes the bird is the word! I have successfully moved into my new studio space, located downtown Squamish BC, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the out come. It has been three weeks ( first two of those weeks was Spring Break and I had my little one with me the entire time) and I feel like I have accomplished so much in that short of time then I would have at home. Don’t get me wrong, I loved working from home, getting up at three in the morning to work, working in between naps and play time with the little one, and the endless amounts of coffee was satisfying, but the end result wasn’t healthy for me, my family and business. If you would of asked me about moving into a space in December, 2016, my answer would of been “hell no”. But things change, new goals were set and I dedicated my 2017 year to fear. Fear of taking the leap and seeing where life takes me. Thank you to everyone who has followed along and has cheered me on from the beginning, and if you are new to Feelin’ it Decals, I welcome you with big arms and I hope you enjoy what you see.

First photo shoot in the new studio space was very exciting, I got to test out my new lights and also play around with the Spring Flower wall decals. I have had a lot of questions about how much a set of Spring Flower wall decals would cover for wall space, the answer is this: if you have a small powder room wall (roughly 6 feet x 8 feet), 1 set of Spring Flower wall decals should be enough (depending on how you want to space them out, create a pattern, or place them as a cluster of flowers,etc). In the photos shown in this blog post is show casing a wall that is 138 inch wide x 97 inch tall. I used 2 sets of Spring Flower wall decals to create an art piece in the middle (where the sofa is located) and I used 5 sets to fill the entire wall. Ps I had to throw my daughter in the photo shoot. She did so awesome today. If you like the other art pieces in these photos head over to Inspired Squamish, located on Cleveland Avenue, Squamish BC or take a peek at their facebook page here (website coming soon). https://www.facebook.com/inspiredsquamish/

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy these photos that were taken by moi.





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