Pattern Wall Decal Install

Pattern Wall Decal Install

How to install a pattern wall decal pattern. I get asked this question A LOT and I have told many people over the past year that I plan on doing a tutorial on how to do this dreaded install and at last, its here!

I created the Squamish Mountain Trail wall decals for a local resident to Squamish and knew that this was going to be a popular set so I had to jump on the idea of photographing and using them in my video tutorial. Below is a link to my video tutorial explaining the tools I use and a description on placements.

All walls vary in size but I use this method on almost all of my installs and they work out great. The wall size I have in the video is 138 inch wide x 97 inch tall. I start my top row 6 inches down from the ceiling and 6 inches from the left hand side / corner of the wall. I set my laser level at the 6 inches mark, horizontal. I place my first decal onto the wall without taking masking tape off. I then measure from the middle of the first decal to 24 inches and then place my second decal to where the 24 inches ends, again I place it onto the wall with out taking masking tape off (do not take masking tape off till the end of the entire wall install). I repeat this step till I get to the end of the wall. 24 inches is my standard distance going horizontal.

My next row I start on the left hand side, measure from the wall 12 inches in and from the bottom the first decal I measure 12 inches down, set my laser level to this mark horizontally. From the first decal on the second row, I measure out 24 inches horizontal (keeping an eye of the row above, making sure the decal placement is in between the first row of decals). I want the second row to be staggered from the top row. I then repeat this pattern until I get to the bottom of the wall.

When I have finished the install, I take a step back and make sure I am happy with placements of the wall decals. Once I am happy with the look, I then start taking off the masking tape, keeping the masking tape at 180 degrees when peeling off. Slow and steady. And voilia!

Here are some photos I snapped with the Squamish Mountain Trail wall decals. Shop the wall decals here.

Mountain shelf is from Mountain girl Creations, check them out here.

Eagle rattle and wood blocks from Inspired Gallery, check them out here.

Wooden Mountain and Bear from Trae Designs, website here.

Hope you enjoy!

Pattern Wall Decal Tutorial Video

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